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Solid Viscose Rug - Charcoal

Solid Viscose Rug - Charcoal

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A solid colour rug, hand-woven using our plant-based 100% long-fibre viscose has a delicate beauty, high sheen and rich colour. Comes in neutral colour-ways to compliment any interior style. Viscose rugs are characterised by tonal variations that may be affected by the light in a room as well as the angle from which the rug is viewed. Shifting highlights and lowlights in the surface color of the rug are to be expected.


Cleaning : Do not wash. We recommend gently vacuuming this rug once or twice weekly with a brush attachment. Do not use an abrasive rotary brush head as this may damage to the rug.

Stain Removal : Wipe the stain carefully with a mixture of lukewarm water. Absorb excess liquid with a dry microfibre cloth.

• Rotate the rug every 3 months to avoid uneven fading and wear.

• Vacuum as needed in one direction (not back and forth) using suction only, no bristles.

• No spot cleaning; never use liquids on viscose rugs. Avoid rubbing stains, which causes them to settle more deeply.


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