Covid Precautions

How to handle Online Delivery Packages During the Time Of Covid-19. 


Is the question as large as how safe it is to order your favourite products online? Well, it’s safer than stepping out and buying things amidst people. However, you can take several precautionary measures to avoid any contractions. 


Simple steps you should take to handle your online delivery packages during covid-19: 


- Disinfect package

 A simple thing to do is disinfect the package with a disinfectant as soon as you receive it. Your online goods are usually packed in a cardboard box, and it takes 3-7 days to get them delivered. Unless a delivery person is infected and has sneezed right before delivering the package, you have nothing to worry about. 


- Dispose of The Deliver Box 

 After you disinfect the package, dispose of the box (preferably outside your house, in a disposable bag because we all need to be thoughtful about our neighbours too). 


- Wash your Hands 

Wash your hands thoroughly with a hand wash. 


- Keep the products in the sun if possible.

Depending on the type of product you’ve ordered, you’ll have to take a call if it’s safe to keep the product out in the sun for 2-3 days. If it helps, 2-3 days have already elapsed between the time your order was processed and packed and the time it reached your doorstep. So the contamination risk is extremely low.